January 30, 2012
Working the BuzzFeed contact sheet

Tonight I’m working the BuzzFeed Team page for designers and analysts to chat to for the project.

Some amazing people at that publication at the moment including:

  • Greg Leuch - Senior Designer at BuzzFeed: Radically well-branded across seemingly infinite platforms (and here and here and here) as @gleuch, perhaps best-known for Shaved Bieber but an all-round viral heavyweight.

  • Mark Shuster - Senior Designer: Seems, based on his homepage to be the voice of busy elegance on the BuzzFeed design team. I knew I was a fan when browsing the tags on his GitHub - open frameworks, tangible interaction, interactive art, research and activism to name a few. Kindred spirits? I think so.  

  • Rachel Edelman - Designer: Self described as “interested in solving visual problems, and solving problems visually,” her website/portfolio is full of sparse, simple projects - frighteningly well-suited to my tastes. (my girlfriend’s looking over my shoulder drooling at her Saveur iPad magazine designs.

  • Arun Mikkilineni is a Traffic and Data Analyst at Buzzfeed. He and people of similar job descriptions are the key tree up which to bark for this paper to end up #winning. 

Let’s see if any of them have time to get back to me. 

See also BuzzFeed looking for an editorial assistant, for all you students, nerds and media aspirants out there. 

January 26, 2012
Dear Guardian iPad team,

I’ve just sent the Guardian iPad team a brief email including a request for contact info for who best to talk to about design on guardian.co.uk, design (Mark Porter?) on the the new Guardian iPad app (which is lovely, incidentally) and analytics packages on both of these. 
Copied below are the two questions I asked specifically about analytics packages:
- What analytics package does guradian.co.uk use to measure stats?
- How does the new Guardian iPad app collect usage data? That is, is the iPad team able to measure clicks, shares and other usage and engagement metrics within the new app? If so was the package developed bespoke for app or is it a more general iPad analytics package? If not how is the iPad team measuring the design success of the app?
It’s a meagre start but we’re just gearing up. 

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